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Action Plan

From Our Vision For Worship:

  • Experiment with a number of services which do not use the prayer book, including on our Harvest Festival Service. Include two others such as a wedding theme service and a Lammastide service to draw on our farming connections.
  • Update our list of hymns. Include more modern ones. Use CD player for meditative music during communion.
  • Consider bringing bread and wine to the altar in communion services. Encourage wedding couples to assist with this.

From Our Vision For Welcome and Use of Buildings:

  • Develop a website to encourage visitors. Respond on Trip Advisor and publise events, but always remembering that our principle purpose is to encourage worship.
  • Bigger notice board at field entrance. Current notice board is too small to publise all events.
  • History booklet should contain information about worship and services.  Many people read and buy this booklet and this would help visitors return at service times.
  • Follow up on prayer board and consider some display boards. A prayer board would enable visitors to become part of the worshipping community.


From Our Vision For Music:

Boxing Day Carol Service. Our traditional Boxing Day Carol service although popular, had become a bit stale. Try to reinstitute in an updated form.