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Children, youth and families

We are all God's Children. We want to embrace people of all ages in our worship and to help them grow in faith.

Our vision is to have a lively ministry with families in our Benefice and with our schools.

Welcome and attendance and the use of buildings

We are blessed with beautiful buildings which are attractive to many visitors.

Our vision is to improve our use of these buildings as a means of welcome and ministry to all who come through the doors, both at services and during the week.

Outreach to community

We are lucky to have a presence in each of our villages. We recognise the need to encourage community involvement and cohesion.

Our vision is to engage with all who live in our villages to understand their needs and to share our love of God.


Worship is central to our churches and we know we need to be sensitive to a wide variety of traditions and styles in our villages.

Our vision is to explore the richness of Anglican liturgy so we may all worship in Spirit and in Truth.


Music touches people's hearts and is in itself an expression of prayer. We are lucky to have had a rich music tradition and this now needs refreshing.

Our vision is to explore the possibilities available to us in new and traditional forms of music.


Arising From Our Vision: Our Growth Action Plan